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  • Reply to: So who's headed to Brantford this weekend?   15 hours 45 min ago

    I will be there looking for treasures as I have for the last 10 years or so.

    Once you go it is hard not too !

    Seeing old friends and making new ones is what it is all about.

    If you have been sitting on the fence about going, jump over it and head to Brantford

    this coming Sunday ! You will glad you did.

    Drop 5 bucks at the gate to the hospice ladies and feel good you are helping someone

    else out by attending this Christmas morning like event.

    Thanks also to Jody for the use of his outstanding event grounds !!!

    Thanks to Jamie for not giving up on this event year after year.


    Support the vendors who find and take the time to load up and sell the bikes and parts.

    Without them, there is really no swap meet.


    Can't wait for Sunday !


  • Reply to: I need a Flyte!   17 hours 30 min ago

    Ya for sure Wayne. But unfortunately im in vancouver.   Pretty sure locomotion is in Toronto and talking about the swap in bramptford. Oh well....  So, if anyone reads this with a flyte on the west coast let me know. 





  • Reply to: I need a Flyte!   19 hours 53 min ago

    You are probably looking at a value of $1500 and up for a Flyte in decent shape. Mske sure the bike you want to trade for is of comparable value.


  • Reply to: 1971 Ranger, New Old Stock (never ridden)   2 days 3 hours ago

    Your right, i didn't google search the images. I have their land line number number and just emailed them to ask if i could see the bike

  • Reply to: 1971 Ranger, New Old Stock (never ridden)   2 days 8 hours ago

    I saw those same Centennial photos in a Google image search two years ago. There's something fishy going on. "Send me the money and I'll send you the bike" ...yeah right.