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    Hi Wayne. I think your best option is to search for a Ladies bike from the period with those rims. I've found two such bikes and both sets found there way onto Flytes. One set was covered in silver spray paint which was successfully removed. Good luck.

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    This bicycle is very hard to value. While it's regretable to see a century old bicycle that will not be lovingly rerstored, this one has little originality left beyind the frame and crankset. Proper restoration would be very expensive and when you're done you still have a less desirable female model. In order for this to be a worthwhile project, you would have to get it quite cheap and therefore I'm in agreement with Brian. Unfortunately, this a case were it would have a much higher value being parted out. 


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    Photos of the light...

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    So what do you think the bike is worth? That was the original question.

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    That is the price I would pay for the badge in this condition, if I wanted a Massey headbadge. I believe we all saw that the badge was not in perfect condition otherwise I would of priced it higher.