Probably the largest collection of CCM bicycles in the country is located at the Canada Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa. Much of it from the collection of Lorne Shields. 

Organized by Jamie McGregor this show and swap meet takes place each June in Brantford, ON. 

This is Jaroslav Petryshyn's wonderful history of the Russell Motor Car Co. at one time the automobile manufacturing arm of CCM.

An excellent forum for those interested in antique and classic bicycles. 

The sport of 6-day bicycle racing was huge in the 20s and 30s. At the time, Torchy Peden on his CCM Flyer was among North America's highest paid athletes along with Ruth and Gehrig.

A couple of excellent shots of the old CCM plant on Lawrence Ave. 

Another cool forum for antique bicycle lovers. 

A charitable organization dedicated to empowering the people of Africa by providing them transportation and employment. Because a bike can change a life..... 

A fantastic site with a wealth of information from both a historical and a technical perspective about vintage bicycles, including CCM.

The place for those with an affinity for the CCM Mustang.

Ken Martin's wonderful site dedicated to the CCM Flyte.