1890s T.Eaton Info and Badge Wanted

I have a badgeless bike that is an 1896 Hartford Pattern 6 (Girls with 26" wheels). It may have been sold new by T.Eaton Co., as it appears in their 1896 bicycle catalogue as an Eatonia Model B (although with 28" wheels) and a Hartford No.6 (with 26" wheels). This catalogue can be found in the catalogue forum on this site.

There is an Eaton Glider reproduction badge on Ebay that is advertised as being used from the 1890s to the 1920s. I cannot find the name Glider used in the 1896 catalogue and suspect that a badge would have had the name "Eatonia"

If anyone has any knowledge or pictures of T.Eaton badge(s) from the 1890s they could share that would be most appreciated. And of course if anyone has an 1890s Eatons or Hartford badge for sale that would be even better.

Brian R.





hartfordeatons.jpg eatongliderbadge.jpg