1896 Comet (selected images)

Although this is a site dedicated to CCM, I think this catalogue is interesting and a useful resource. This is from a photocopy; I don't have the original unfortunately. The Comet factory was at 17-19-21 Temperance Street, across from their previous factory on Adelaide St., Toronto. It seems their bikes had head tube decals not metal badges, so I imagine there could be some unidentified bikes out there that are Comets. The fork crown is unique (I hope) so check that picture if you have an early mystery bike at home.


I agree that it is Toronto anad Canadian history in cycling and worth posting here.

My favorite photo is of the factory !

To bad history in grade school is not as cool as the history seen in this site.

Then again, I didn't care then, or now, about Christopher Columbus sailing the seas.

CCM, Cooper, Moffet, Kodak etc manufacturing companies in Toronto then is super cool now.

I guess it helps that I still live within 10 minutes of all the companies I listed above.

Thanks for the history Brian