1900 ccm trophy

So I acquired this ccm trophy a couple months back off kijiji in Manitoba. The seller bought it years back at a local auction. Trophy was in tough shape when I got ahold of it. I sent it out to Britannia silversmiths in Scarborough for professional repairs as this trophy called for it considering the age and stature. Art did a great job bringing it back to life, there is a big dent right on the enamel beaver logo, that for fear of ruining the logo was left as is. I’m looking to see if anyone knows anything about the trophy?, I do know because of the logo and the words Toronto that it is 1900, as they switched to Weston shortly after that. I have attached some photos, if anyone knows any history about it that would be fantastic. It has the engraving (won by) but no name just the ccm logo.


Restored pic


if you ever to sell it, I would be interested


Sorry bicyclecollector I tend on keeping it for a long while, any information on it would be appreciated.

CCM didn't open the Weston facility until 1917, so it could be 1900-1916. You may be able to narrow down the range by doing some research into the coat of arms, which depicts seven provinces. Some quick research suggests circa 1905-1906, as PEI and Manitoba are included and were granted coats of arms in 1905. It doesn't include Alberta and Saskatchewan which were granted coats of arms in 1906 and 1907, respectively. The perplexing part is that BC is included but doesn't use the "setting sun" coat of arms granted in 1906. However, apparently there was some liberty taken with depictions of the Canadian coat of arms after 1905 and until 1921, when the an official revised coat of arms was adopted.

I find it curious that the cup does not mention  the name of the race. It also seems strange that the cup is engraved with "won by" but no victor's name or winners' crests on the base. My overall impression is that it was designed for a planned but yet to be named race that never took place. 

Wow that is some really good information T-mar, that was kinda what I leaning to by the won by engraving. The race that never happened. I’m gonna do some digging into the coat of arms now and find out more. I knew it was an interesting find when I stumbled upon it. Hopefully we can gather more information about it.

Nice Trophy Karl. Perhaps T-Mar's post provides a clue for a possible explanation, that a decision was made not to use it beause the coat of arms was out of date. Another possibility could be the dent - maybe it was knocked over and dented before it could be awarded?

Quite possible both those things could be true Brian. It adds to the mystery of 100 plus year old trophy. I’m surprised it survived all these years and that it is intact. I’m gonna make a nice base for it period correct.

Better picture of logo