1967 Imperial Mark IV

I'm selling my very nice 1967 Imperial. It's in great shape. The chrome and paint are very sweet. Rides like a dream.the seat and pedals are not original, but the originals will be included. The front rack is included. The rear rack and bell are not. Will also include a NOS CCM 26" hoop. 

$100. pick up in Toronto.

drop me an email at jpern1@ashmontrecords.com



As you can see I had issues with my post. And it's in the wrong section. Sorry.

Nice bike! With the metal badge, maybe it's earlier than '67? I used to have a '67 Centennial that had a sticker badge. I've read that '65 is likely the last year for metal badges. What's the letter in the serial number?

An Imperial MkIV would be a 1964 or 1965 model. It became the Imperial 700 for 1966 & 1967

Wow great deal very clean bike . Hey Joe would you ship it for the shipping cost plus the bike cost  if someone required  so?

thanks Gteg

Too big to ship GT.

I just got cold feet. Going to hang on to it for a bit longer.