1971 Ranger, New Old Stock (never ridden)

This bike was stored at Cap's Bicycle Museum in New Westminster, BC. It's never been ridden, so it's in pristine condition. It even still has the rubber seam around the centre of the tire!

I decided to put it up on eBay, but if any CCM fans want to get their hands on it, I can take the ad down with a reasonable offer.


Contact me with any questions.

26" wheels, cruiser brakes, 17" stem to crankset. 

Bike located in Vancouver, but willing to ship if buyer covers cost (about $150 via UPS).


Amazing, really.  It belongs in a museum. It's only "never ridden" once. A rough, used '71 is hardly worth trying to sell although it would be 46 years old.  Funny how an old coot can thow '46 around like it was yesterday.

Good luck with the sale. It is in a class of it's own and I can't inagine what a fair price would be. If it was a larger size I'd make an offer.


Likely hard to get 250.00 for it.

Just not something many bike collectors would want.

Very cool find but still not in big demand.

Being late 70s makes it harder to find a buyer.



1977 bicycle!

I had at least four of these exact bikes ten years ago.

I also bought at least seven 20" wheeled CCM Rebels that year. They were all from the basement of one of their stores.

Cool vintage bikes. I agree with Duomatic's estimate.

Having difficulty posting pictures. I think it's just my tablet.

I disagree with estimate. Im in vancouver and ive seen the price of 550$ i believe on the crigslist ad.  I think that price is realistic. If i had more money i would jump at this chance.  Its brand new from '77! Crazy!

The proof is in the link in the first posting.

Click on it and follow through the months of ebay postings.

It has been listed 7 times so far without a bid.

On this site or ebay, it would sell if it was priced right.

At that price, which is under 500 now, you have lots of time to save up and buy it.

I would agree that the seller is asking too much. Here is an example of a similar bike in excellent shape with a 2 speed rear hub that hasnt sold for far less money. The market really isnt there for some of these bikes. Most arent really practicle to ride compared to the technology of todays bikes nor are they old enough to be considered collectors items. 





I saw those same Centennial photos in a Google image search two years ago. There's something fishy going on. "Send me the money and I'll send you the bike" ...yeah right.

Your right, i didn't google search the images. I have their land line number number and just emailed them to ask if i could see the bike