2018 Bicycle Events

Happy New Year!  Here is some news about events this year that I am aware of:

--As many of you will have heard, the organization that ran the Toronto VIntage Bicycle Show for the past number of years is no more, and unless someone takes on the event it will not be taking place. 

--After a hiatus,  it was just announced that the London (Ontario)  Tweed Ride will be taking place this coming spring.  Check the Facebook group page for information on this event.  The date has yet to be announced.

--The Windsor and Guelph Tweed rides were both very successful and enjoyable this past summer, and I expect that they will be taking place again this year.  In both cases, the number of participants increased significantly in 2017.   Lots of tweedy fashion, but very few vintage or antique bicycles were present.   There is a real opportunity for owners of rideable vintage and antique bicycles to show off at these events, and to encourage future collectors and recruit for organizations such as the Wheelmen. 

I will add to this thread once I have further details....

--David Webb