'67 Mustang

From Deryk

Hi, I've got a 1967 CCM Mustang that I'm looking to clean up and get riding again - however, the spokes are shot and there is no chain. I'm wondering what size of chain / sprocket size this bike used (I noticed modern chain wouldn't fit, the links are too small / narrow.) I'm also having a heck of a time finding spokes for these size rims. I've got a 'Paragon Stud' 20 x 2 x 1 3/4 tire on the rear, and a 'Veith Extra Prima' 20 x 1 3/8 tire on the front. 

I'd like to keep all the original sizes and proportions on the wheels, but can't seem to find tires, spokes, rims or hubs for these tire sizes! Any suggestions or referrals to some CCM experts would be really appreciated! 

Thank you, Deryk


Hello Deryk,the chain can be had at all bike shops quite easily,the spokes will most likely have to be cut to length unless someone is sitting on them?.Is it a 2 Speed Automatic - Duomatic rear hub or coaster?I would be able to help you with hubs, rims & tires if required.Contact 519 7568060 Thx Jamie mcyes1@hotmail.com

The chain you require is 1/2" x 1/8". It is still used on single speed children's bicycles and should be available through any bicycle shop. Even Canadian Tire stocks it. However, be aware that you'll need a rivet extractor tool to shorten the chain to the required length. 


Regarding the spokes, the required length will vary, depending on the rims and hubs. So, we should verify what you currently have, in case they are not original. Check and report back on the brand, model and size. Alternately, you can always remove an old spoke from each wheel and measure them or take them into your local bicycle shop. Spoke length is measured from the inside of the elbow.

Thanks for posting this John, kudos! Deryk

Thanks Jamie, I've got a single speed with coaster brake hub.  I'll be doing a tear down to get everything measured and inspected soon, hopefully. I know the front hub has a broken spoke hole, so that'll need replacement (unless it can be tack welded to re-establish the hole? - it's just regular steel isn't it...?)

Thanks for your contact info and your suggestions!

Thanks for your helpful suggestions T-Mar, I must have had a scrap piece of derailleur chain when I tested it on the sprocket...that would explain things...! I have very little experience with bike supply / parts...learning curve!

Yeah, I'm going to dig into these rims and pull a front and rear spoke and take them to the local shop. Otherwise I'll report the measurements here and see what we can do.

Would you know of any Canadian suppliers for the retro tire sizes / slicks I mentioned? I've noticed some American ones on Ebay / Amazon, but they quote Schwinn Stingray sets instead (not sure if they used the same size tires on the CCM Mustangs...?) It be nice to find a white sidewall set if I could.

I'm really glad this website exists, what a great resource - Thanks again



If you know the size I might have what your looking for. I have a large case of assorted length spokes.


I wouldn't recommend chains from canadian tire. They changed suppliers recenty and the quality is very poor. The last one i bought from them would hang sideways in the middle.


 Youre better off to spend an extra 5$ at a bike shop and grt something decent. 

I can provide the spokes if you provide the spoke length.

Measure in mm's from the inside of the elbow to the end of the threads.



Cbgimse, CTC sells two kinds of chains, for coaster brake bikes, and for derailleur bikes. I imagine the derailleur chains are supposed to bend in the middle. Is it possible you mistakenly bought the wrong chain?

It was 1/8 chain. They used to sell chains branded kmc which were okay but the last two i bought were something different altogether. 


Literally the would be laying on its side halfway between the front and rear cogs. Ill put one on and take a picture

Its surprisingly difficult to get a good picture but this shows it somewhat 


Wow, that's pretty bad.

Chainreaction sold me two shimano single speed chains for 8$ each plus shipping. They are zinc coated so they dont look like like original chains but at least they are reliable.