Auction - October 29


I wanted to let you know about an auction coming up on the 29th of October, 2016 that you and your readers may be interested in. 

One of the highlights of the auction is a circa 1895 Fane & Lavender (Comet Cycling Co. Ltd, Ontario Canada) wood frame/nickel plated men’s safety bicycle in exceptional original condition. The rims on this bike have an early CCM logo! 

There are other antique and classic bicycles, 35 vintage tricycles, early velocipedes, 100 pull wagons, 50 pedal cars plus numerous antique and vintage riding toys. Live online bidding is available through Proxibid if you can not make it to the live auction. You may view the catalogue through our web site at Please do not hesitate to reply if you require assistance or further information.

Yours truly,
Jim Snider CAI, CPPA
Rockford Auction Centre
519-373-1654 (C)


Wow. I'll be there. I suspect others here will be too. When you feel happy for outbidding me you can buy me a beer.




I have wanted that Comet for years . Be interesting to see what it goes for.

great, now everyone knows, I will be on the phone  :)

I wonder if they dated the bicycle from the Pat date on the saddle?

I have a few of those "The Christy" saddles that are marked Pat. 1895, right between both pieces of leather!!!

Never know with auction houses on how they do their research

some interesting stuff, but some advertised "antique" pieces are actually modern repop, I have seen at least 8

The Comet might be 1895 6 or 7or 8 but very rare . My Comet which is not wood framed is 1896 as i have the catalogue showing it . Two years ago a ladies wood Comet at Copake auction went for 25000.00 US . Should be interesting Dig out your cheque book or check your visa limit. 

yes Dave, it's a nice bike, I will be a bidder for sure

I was happy to see a ladies Red Bird, would like to find a ladies Red or Black Bird for my men's

unfortunately with no "Red Bird" in the badge and a poor restoration


some of the "restored" items are IMO just some pretty bad repaints


So, if you buy an item over the phone or their web site, then what? Do you have to go there to pick it up or will they ship it? Can you imagine what they'd charge to ship a bike? Max, I'll deliver that Comet to your front door in exchange for a 1929 Humprey ;)

Yes, they will ship an item, but as you suggest, Brian, it would be costly. When I inquired they said there'd be the shipping charge, plus the cost of materials & time to build a sufficient crate/box that would withstand the shipping and so there is a 15% internet premium if you bid on-line.


Thanks Brian for the offer, very generous of you :)

but like John said, that 15% internet premium is crazy

so I will watch how the bikes go online and probably make the drive, it's only 9 hours,

some of these bikes will come back to Quebec with me


and prepare on getting drunk Brian if I have to buy you a beer everytime you are outbid cheeky

Hi locomotion, it sounds like you may be travelling to this auction. Seeing as you would have to travel through my town (Collingwood), I was wondering if you have anything for sale that you would want to unload on your travels. If so, you can contact me (Steve) at



not really a seller of parts, but will sell a few bikes to finance new purchases

I will be selling 3 1920's wood rimmed Cleveland original paint

2 - 1939 original paint his and hers CCM

1- 1936 Flyte, 1- 1938 Flyte and another unknown year

also have 10-12 other various CCMs from 1929 to 1968 that will go

best is to come to Quebec and bring a lot of $$$

Hi,  I am planning to go to the auction, and have a bike rack for my CRV.  If anyone is stuck, I can bring a bike back to Niagara, at no charge, or to other places for gas.  I get to Toronto and Kingston from time to time. 

Locomotion--I am interested in the prices you are asking for some of your bikes.  I could come to Quebec if that works.  Here is my email-   Thanks!  --David

Hey that sounds good locomotion...I am currently looking for complete bikes as much, or more so than I am looking for parts. I am not sure if you are driving to the auction (and if you are able to transport any of your bikes), but If so...I might be able to help you finance some of your bids...depending on what you need to get out of them.  Is there an e-mail I can reach you at, or feel free to e-mail me at Thanks, Steve

thanks guys, will takes some pictures withing a couple weeks and send them with prices



tocbike    (@)       hotmail     (.)       com

The online auction bids have been going through the roof. Presumably the live auction will start where the online bids have gone to, but most bikes are out of reach already, at least for my budget. They advertised the auction on the CABE last Sunday so now the big American bucks will start flowing. It's sad to think of the 120 year old Canadian bikes leaving the country.


the 3 bibs I have that I am actually winning are right at my max, hopefully someone will bid me up on them so I don't have to drive there for only that


who is    g****e?   anyone here

anyone at the auction right now or will be going to pick stuff up?   please let me know, need some help




tocbike     (@)       hotmail     (.)      com

Anyone on here make it to the auction? What's the scoop? Anyone pick up anything?



did you get anything John?

I bought a couple things from the confort of my couch, now need them picked up .... can anyone help?




anyone know who from Australia got the Comet

I got nothing Max. I left a pre-bid on one of the tricycles, but was tied up during the auction and was outbid from the floor.

The wood frame Comet sold for $26,000, and I'm told is on it's way to Australia. It's unfortunate to see a key piece of Canadian cycling history leave the country, but it is what it is. Does anyone know if it's going to the Farren Collection?

For me, one of the biggest surprises was the pre-1917 CCM Massey that sold for $3,300. The auction listed it as having 26" tires, which if true means it's a boys' bike. It's not even a cushion frame bike. I realize that auction prices are sometimes higher when bidders get carried away, but in my opinion it sold for about 4 times its true market value. I'm told that Masseys are desireable among collectors but that's a very high premium to pay for one example of CCM's early badge engineering.



I have a pre-1917 CCM Perfect Model 50 Cushion Frame for sale. Original paint, and rims even have original painted stripes intact. Price: $3,300. Any takers?  ;)

Don't forget you have to add 28% (internet premium + HST) to the Comet and 23% (buyer premium + HST) to the Massey. I would think it has to be the Farren collection Brian.


well, unfortunately the $3300 bidding price has nothing to do with the fact that it's a teens CCM, the value is in the fact that it is a nice Massey!!!

a similar Cleveland, Perfect, you name it, wouldn't bring anything close to that,not even a Cushion/Drive shaft

If I say that there's no technological difference between a 1910 CCM Massey and another 1910 CCM with "A grade equipment", and the only reason that the Massey bike would command more value today is because of the name association with the Massey-Harris farm implement manufacturer and the Massey family (Vincent, Raymond, etc.), am I correct?

I would say you are correct, but who knows, I wasn't at the auction to see who bought it!

but I was still very surprised it went to $3300, was expecting close to $2000, just makes me want to sell mine at next summer's auction!!!

I was not suprised with the price on the massey. Also think that might have been the wrong number for the tires .I would think they where28 not 26.Also the Brantford said 28 tire and in the 1897 catalogue it does not show a ladies bike with 28 wheel in 97 only 26. Also I think the handle bars on the Brantford are early Massey Harris from what I could see. I was not there in person. Paul Farren has a great collection was there a few years ago.