c1930 Hercules

I posted this on thecabe and someone there suggested it might have links to CCM

It does look like the 1930 Heavy Duty I found in this forum.

Any ideas?



I bought this 28" wheel Hercules this morning. 

Any ideas on age? I can't see it in any British Hercules catalogues.

It's rather confusing, as the frame is US style, but it has British size seat-post, British metal wheels, and British style frame number.

Not sure if it was made in GB for export to USA, or made in USA. 

The markings remind me of a Hawthorne: did Herc and Hawthorne have a tie-up prewar too?

Has 28 x 1 3/4 tyres, which are now obscure in UK - are they still made in USA?




Colin, I presume:   Does the rear reflector have "approved by Ontario dept of highways" or words to that effect, or is it only marked "made in England".  UEK chainset is shown in later CCM catalogues as an option, don't think it would have been original to an early 30s CCM built bike ( just relying on memory, I don't have my ref material at this location). Cheers

My belief is that CCM used a lot of english parts for their bikes. They seem to be based on the english looks where the Sunshines look more like the americans. I believe that the English bikes were in Canada as they show up. I own a 1930's Humber and a 1930's rod brakes Hercules as well as a 1960's Hercules (on 28"s wheels). The construction of both my Hercules and Humber look a lot like my 1937 and 1939 CCMs. If I remember properly the chainring is a generic one (English made I think).