Can anyone ID this bike?

Picked this up and can’t figure out what it is. Had a decal for headbadgeI think. Has an Eadie coaster brake hub, rod brakes, Dunlop Ranger tires that say “made in Canada”, a Wrights saddle.  


Sorry... forgot to save! Thanks for any help

61f1aee0-b2b1-4166-8db2-42cc707f6319.jpeg f2e4cb94-4f9e-42ef-af28-5202a30052a5.jpeg db83f05c-c0e1-40fa-b5bb-c62498ad7e4c.jpeg d980cec5-69d6-42aa-b947-6f1fc669fdb5.jpeg

English bike. Phillips maybe??

Chain ring and lugs make me think Hercules .

I have a mens made as far as I can tell in the 30s That has the same chain ring lugs and pedals .

Headlight mount may also be the same .

I can't 100% say that mine is a Hercules (no headbadge ) but have seen pictures of Hercules that had same frame chainring pinstriped paint  lugs etc. 

Mine had a longspring Wrights seat from the  Olympic  factory  (pre Brooks) which is why I think it is 1930s 

I would check for pics on line for 20s 30s 40s  Hercules  

Thanks for the info....I'll check it out.



The crankset looks like a Williams F100. If so there should be a date code consisting of two alpha characters, on the back of the arms and/or chainring. Attached is a picture of a Williams B100, which was the same crankset but with an interchangeable chainring. Also shown is the back of the arm with an AY date code (1958) stamped below the Williams trademark of a sword with EBW marking. The F100 was reportedly manufactured from the 1930s through the 1960s, so it would certainly be appropriate for a British roadster with stirrup brakes. Is there any serial number on the frame itself?

williams_b100a.jpg williams_b100b.jpg

Thanks I'll check the crank.

The serial number on the seatpost says A66093 on teh second line is 3    35

Thanks for your help