Can anyone identify this bicycle?


Thanks for letting me join your group.  I've been trying to determine the year and model name for this bicycle, does anyone recognize it?  There is a serial number, E136746, near the rear axle.  From what I could find online it appears that maybe this is a 1973 model?  My intention is to clean-up this bicycle and give it to a relative.  Can someone tell me what is the best way to make the badge look good again?  Thanks for your help.


edit:  I  thought I added photos to this post but I don't see them.  What am I doing wrong?






Okay, maybe this will work...

img_9838.jpg img_3185.jpg

With that metal head badge, it is a 1965.

Clean it up and give it to them to ride.

The bike has little value, likely 50.00-75.00... unless it is sentimental value, which is priceless.

Being a girls frame, it has a much less collectability which for those types of bikes is almost non-exisitant.

You will spend more on tires and parts to make it look and ride well, than the bike is worth.

Much better to keep them on the road than scrap them. A lot cooler than the crap at Walmart and Canadian Tire these days.

A good place to find bikes like these and the value is on

That head badge damage is likely from a basket rubbing on it. Not sure if you will be able to restore it as easy

as replacing it with another one. You can find them at the vintage bicycle swap meets for about 10.00 in decent shape.

Enjoy the ride !







Thank-you for all the great information.  Do you happen to know which model it is?  I saw a photo of a brocure from 1965 but it's a little blurry and I can't tell which one it is.  I picked-up some paint today, so, in a few weeks I hope to have it finished.  If it looks good maybe I'll post a photo.  Thanks again.




It's slightly earlier than 1965, around 1962-1963. Assuming the white fenders are original, it would be a Rambler. The wheels appear to be 28", in which case it would be a CCM Ladies' Rambler Standard. 

Sorry, guys

I never thought to mention it, it is a girl's bike.  It has 24" x 1-3/8" tires.  I've looked online, and, so far, have not seen a photo of another one exactly the same.  The handlebars do not have a riser, they cannot be raised or lowered, they attach directly to the top of the center post of the front forks.  Sorry if I've used the wrong terminology for these parts of the bike.  Yes, the white fenders appear to be original, but, like the frame (which has been painted silver over the original blue), they have been painted an off-white colour over the original white.  Thanks for your help.

24" whleels would makeit  a CCM Girl's Rambler Junior. 



I have the same bike in the yard as yard art. It had the same red head badge.

This one has the wrong seat and the basket added.

It is blue with white fenders.




Except for the seat and the basket, your bike sure looks like mine.  The only difference I can notice is the clamp that holds the handlebars - yours looks more rounded, whereas, the one on my bicycle is more block-ish.  Anyhow, I'm happy to know this is a girl's Rambler Junior as T-Mar mentioned.  Thanks, guys.  I appreciate the help. 

The gooseneck could have been replced at some point or maybe a model year diferent.

Center stand likley a optional item too.



There is one on Kijiji currently for 100.00

Search 'vintage ccm" then scroll down.


There is a ccm breeze as well for 50.00