CCM Continental

Here are a couple of shots of the Continental I picked up yesterday. Not gonna be pristine, but should clean up nicely. Got it at the Bicycle Works in Almonte following a call from a friend. Owner Bill Barrie takes in bikes as a donation and then gives any money made from their sale to Bicycles For Haiti. This was one of them.


very nice bike :) i've never seen this model yet so this is the first time. My collection of CCM are CCM Elan, rambler and Galaxy.. thanks for the pictures

I don't recall seeing one of those before either - what year would that one be John, mid 60's?

Not sure of the exact year, Greg. Haven't yet located a serial number. I do know that the Continental first appeared in the 1964 CCM catalogue and stayed there until at least 1969.

Are my eyes messin with me or does that have a drum brake rear hub and caliper?

Rob: the rear hub is a Sturmey-Archer AG 3-speed 6 volt Dynohub. It's stamped as being manufactured in 1964.

Ah! Got it. Very cool!

Hi John. I'm sure you know that but remember you lol, you must pay attention to this hub when you'll strip it. That's all I know about this hub due to the 6 volt. Excuse my poor english John but I'm sure you'll understand me. :)

Thanks bikedenis. I know very little about this hub. In fact I know very little about any hub. But folks are being very helpful.....and patient.....and I'm learning. Funny thing about this bike is that the only thing that seems to be missing are the lights.

oops.....and the air pump.

Sweet bike, I'm sure it will clean up nicely.  There's a good writeup on the dynohubs on the Sheldon Brown website.  It's helped me sucessfully rebuild two so far.

Exact rusty wheels.. sorry I forgot the link for John :(..


here is the link :  John

Thanks for the info guys.

You're welcome John :)'s a pic of my 64 Continental with the lights. They are a nice riding bike. I see the chrome on your fenders is rusted just like mine. I guess the plating wasn't great in 1964.


Nice looking bike Bikeguy.

I was hoping to get mine cleaned up for spring, but the winter is quickly slipping away. Can't believe it's the last full week of January. 

The rust should clean up up nicely. It doesn't seem too deep. Nice bike!