Ccm flyer rims or hubs

Looking to buy a set of ccm flyer wheels or hubs for a 1938 road flyer. Really want to get it on the road.


Is anybody out there?

These will be very difficult to come by. Are you talking about the Road Racer, the mass market Flyer, or the Professional Racer? The Road Racer just used English Phillips hubs. The mass market Flyer, introduced in 1936, had CCM-made hubs that were stamped Flyer and were spoked 36/36. The Professional Racer used special CCM Flyer racing hubs, spoked 40/36, but were not stamped Flyer. By 1940, the Professional Racer was supplied with CCM "Prolite" aluminum hubs, usually in small flange, but also available in the super rare large flange. The large flange hubs were actually made by Schwinn for CCM, and were crudely stamped CCM. These were also supplied in 40/36 spoking.

Good Luck!

John Williamson

I believe it to be a road mass market flyer.

What are my alternatives?