CCM GT-101

Hello. I have a CCM GT-100 with the serial beginning by " L " I have a raised handle bar ( 1 handlebar picture ) on mine and i saw some GT with a normal handle bar ( 2 handlebar picture ) . so i'm wondering if i have the right handle bar on it..Can you say me please if i have the right handle bar on mine ( 1 handlebar ) or if if i have the wrong one ? thanks in advance ..


An L-code GT-101 was manufactured in 1968, so it could be a 1968 or 1969 model. I don't have the 1968 literatue but the 1969 poster and that for it's predecessor, the 1967 CCM Cenntenial, both show and mention the Sporty Handlebar, which was CCM's name for the higher rise bar shown in the top photo. I seriously doubt the bar was different for 1968. 


The 1968 poster shows the same Sporty Handlebars.

I have an L-code GT101 and used to have 2 others. They all had the Sporty. I don't think I've seen any without.

I just flipped through my folder of 2000+ bicycle pictures. Every GT101 and Centennial had the Sporty.




Okay so i have the right handlebar. thank you very much guys for the information ..all is original because i have the same white pedals on it .. Anyway, i paid $20 for it last year and I rode ( to run ) it only twice .