CCM Tandem Bicycle For Sale

I have a vintage CCM that has been sitting in my basement for 20 plus years.  My daughter bought it from someone whose son had made this particular bicyle at the CCM Plant and gifted it to his Dad.  The Dad had the bicycle sitting is his basement for quite a few years as well.  I do not know the age of the bicycle and I am attaching pictures. I also do not know the value so do not even know a starting price to ask.  I posted it on E Bay once and I had several offers however, I did go ahead with it as I was unsure of the value due to the high volume of requests, I thought I might be lettting it go for less than I should be.  In any case, I am open to offers and would like to have this go to someone who  will actually use it or value it instead of it sitting in my basement.  Thank youl
















It's difficult to see the bicycle on your page.  Could you upload the picture on this page instead?


Looks like you have a Imperial Tandem with painted fenders from the 1960's.

Be thrilled if you get 350.00  Lots of them sell for much less. 150.00 - 250.00 in nice condition.


The story means nothing without photos of the guy and his dad with the bike. Even then, doesn't mean much.

There are few collectors of tandems vs most other bike types.


How about a simular situation...

A guy works at GM on the line putting a part on the car. Wins some money in 649.

Buys his dad a car   ...that he put a part on.   His dad drives it and lets it sit in the garage after losing his sight.

Sells the car to you.    You keep it for a while and decide to sell it.   Who cares about who owned it and the story behind it.

No one unless the past owner was Steve McQueen and it is the famous Mustang from the movie he drove it in.


Take it to the bike swap meet on March 24th in Brantford. Hope someone wants it and buys it.

Put it on Kijiji if you can't make the bike swap meet.


Good luck in the sale.







Now that the photos are posted. Here are a few things that were not known or seen before my original post.

The bike is missing the chain guard that is specific to that bike. May be hard to find.

You can take the front wheel off and put the wooden dowel back in the fork tube using a new slighty larger screw

to hold it in.

Looks like the bike has been repainted over the head badge but it may just be a blue head badge. Hard to see in the photos.

I would give it a 4 or 5 out of 10 for condition.

Hopefully whoever gets it changes those gum wall tires.


Now I would say 350.00 may be a stretch unless you found someone who really wants it.


Not trying to put your bike down but give you a realistic evaluation.

That is MY opinion.


Others may see it different and are very welcome to post there thoughts. Actually I hope you get a bunch of others

posting their opinions.



From posts I've read by other collectors, tandems can be difficult to sell. They are hard to transport by vehicle and tend to languish in garages, unridden, taking up valuable real estate. A regular bike from that era is worth maybe $100. I would list it on Kijiji at $200 and take the first good offer. You may have to wait 'till spring. Good luck.