Check out these handlebars - a true SURVIVOR - 1924 CCM Crescent

This is a true survivor, the upper seat stays have been modified (out of necessity, it would appear)  as has the saddle leather,  and the chain guard is wrong.  I particularly admire the sweeping bars.  It has a CCM Hercules rear hub and a Brit front.  This bike has a charm unto itself,  I will just clean it up, tune it and leave it as it is. Just another piece of "eye candy"


Wayne: you do come up with some of the coolest finds. I don't know how you do it.


I just found a 1924 Crescent ladies. Not original paint but all in very good shape. No dents in fenders or chain guard!  Will try to post photos soon. How many of these are around from the 20's I wonder?