Up-cycled CCM Chain Wheel Bicycle Clock


I just finished this prototype clock made from a seriosly rusty chain wheel. It was striped and coated with etch primer, fill primer and matte black rust paint. It's mounted on a 3/4" ash disc stained Windsor Oak and coated in water-based polyurethane. The clock mechanism is recessed so it will fit flush against the wall. There is a key-hole cut in the back for wall mounting. Also included is a small wooden back rest for table display.

The only "flaw" is the chainwheel is ever so slighlty off centre. Less than it appears in the picture (because camera was aiming down). The "M" is at 12 o'clock. Not sure why the pictures uploaded upside down?

I plan on making more and selling them at markets for $49.  This one is for sale for the same price but it includes shipping to any where in Canada (excluding the most remote places where shipping may be excessive). Please message me if interested. I can accept eTransfer, cheques, even credit cards through my ETSY shop.

Thanks for looking & All the Best,