Early Canadian bicycle makers

In trying to put together a list of early Canadian bicycle makers, I came up with the following:

1882 - Semmens, Ghent & Co. (Burlington)

1887 - Comet Bicycle Co. (T. Fane - Toronto)
          - Goold Bicycle Co. (Brantford)

1891 - Planet Bicycle Works (Toronto)

1894 - Emperor Bicycle Co. (Stratford)

1895 - Welland Vale Manufacturing (St. Catharines) 

1896 - Massey-Harris Bicycle Works (Toronto)

1897 - Berlin & Racycle Manufacturing Co. (Berlin > Kitchener)
             E. & D. Bicycle (Evans & Dodge - Windsor)

1903 - Werlich Industries (Preston)

1929 - Sunshine (Waterloo)

1936 - Humphrey Cycle & Motor (Toronto)

1940(?) - Standard Cycle Products (Toronto)

Anyone know of any others?

I have not included those that were owned by foreign companies such as Gendron, Lozier, Raleigh etc.


John    Here are a few more Canadian   Bike  Names  -  of manufacturers?    They all claim to be manufacturers  but are they?    Sorry have no dates.   Some of these were in  "Cycling"   the Canadian version   1896 and 1898.

Hyslop,   Toronto.

Henderson,  Goderich.   Im sure they made bikes. There are several in the Goderich Museum.   I have visited the factory.  No I did not find any bikes or any sign of a bike.

Jones & Durkey,  Thorold.   They also were manufacturers.  I have one of 2 known.  They made wood frame bikes.

J. H. Coffill,   Bridgewater,  Nova Scotia.     and    Yarmouth  Bicycle Co.   Yarmouth,  Nova Scotia.    I think both of these were only dealers.

The following were probably all dealers but some  advert's  make them sound like manufacturers.

Bertram  Wilson,   Toronto.

E. C. Hill & Co.,   Toronto.

McBurney & Beatie  Co.,   Toronto.

Normile Bicycle Works,   Napanee.

T. W. Van Tuyl,    "Manufacturer, Dealer  &  Repair"   Petrolia.



John:  You can add T.W. Boyd & sons, Montreal to your list.  T.W. Boyd & Son (Montreal, Quebec) – Fire Arms, Sporting Goods, Bicycles & Materials ... Here are some pics of one of their bikes which I located in a barn near my cottage  http://s917.photobucket.com/albums/ad20/dobie45/BARN%20FIND%20CA%201900/ . 

What a find Wayne! The saddle on that bike is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing the photos Wayne.

I'm always amazed at the finds that you come up with and usually in your own backyard. Now if only my neck of the woods was that well-stocked.

Ron thanks for adding to the list. Would love to see a pic of that Jones & Durkey if you ever get a moment. 

did you buy it or just take pictures of it?

Max:  I've been working on it for a few months; it... and many other things will be mine. 

can't wait to see pictures of it all cleaned out....along with the other things

I see I forgot the critical word in my post.."acquiring"..  I've been working on "acquiring" it for the past few months; as well as a number of  other non bicycle things in the barns, all of which I hope to haul home  soon.  Cheers

i understood what you meant

once you acquired it and cleaned it, i will like to see pics of it

Will do, BTW, do you have any info on the Boyd co?

Below is an updated list of early Canadian bicycle makers based on information provided by Forum members and a quick check of my files. The dates are the earliest printed record of the company I've been able to find and so may not always be the actual start date of the company. As noted, some companies had their bicycles made by another manufacturer and then had their own name put on them.

As time goes on, hopefully we can update and revise the list.

1882 – Semmens, Ghent & Co. (Toronto)
1887 – Comet Bicycle Co. (T. Fane – Toronto)
1887 – Goold Bicycle Co. (Brantford)
1889 – Hyslop Bros. (Toronto)
1891 – Planet Bicycle Works (Toronto)
1891 – Wanderer Cycle Co. (Toronto)*
1891 – E. & D. Bicycle (Evans & Dodge – Windsor)
1894 – Emperor Bicycle Co. (Kalbfleisch - Stratford)
1895 – Henderson Bicycle Co. (Goderich)
1895 – Welland Vale Manufacturing Co. (St. Catharines)
1896 – Massey-Harris (Toronto)
1897 – Berlin & Racycle manufacturing Co. (Kitchener)
1897 – W.G. Nott Bicycle Co. (Brantford)
1898 – McBurney-Beattie (Toronto)
1898 – Jones & Durkee (Thorald)
1898 – Napanee Bicycle Works (W.J. Normile – Napanee)*
1899 – T.W. Boyd (Montreal)
1900 – Co-operative Cycle & Motor (St. Catharines)
1900 – Toronto Cycle Co. (Toronto)
1900 – E.C. Hill Manufacturing Co. (Toronto)
1903 – Werlich Industries (Preston)
1905 – Southam & Kay (Toronto)
1929 – Sunshine Bicycle Co. (Waterloo)
1936 – Humphrey Cycle & Motor (Toronto)
1940 – Standard Cycle Products (Toronto)

* In all probability a manufacturer in name only with the bicycles being made by a different company. Others in the list may be in the same category.

This badge which was produced for the Hyslop Brothers' Aviator bicycle (ca.1920) had to be on of the best headbadges ever produced in Canada.

That Aviator badge is beautiful so is tha ladies bicycle. It seems like it won't be too hard to bring her back.

Here's some picks of my Standard Cycle. Let me know what you think about it. 


Here's the head badge


Just out of curiosity, is Zenth a Canadian manufacturor or possibly a division of CCM? I recently built a mens frame twin tube for a friend and it seemed very CCM to me. The frame on this bike was unusually tall. My friend is 6' and he still couldn't stand on the bike with his feet flat on the ground. Anyways, I'd love to find out more info on the bike for him.

There have been at least two Zenith bicycle brands marketed in Canada. The one your friend has is almost certainly the private label brand of the the Marshall-Wells hardware store chain that expanded into the Canadian west from the USA. The Canadian and USA divisions appear to have sourced their bicycles independently, with the domestic models contrracted to Canadian manufacturers, including CCM. A number of Marshall-Wells Zenith bicycles have surfaced with CCM style frames and serial numbers.