Wondering if anyone knows if Fleetwing was owned by CCM?

I’ve read that Fleetwing cycles were made in Buffalo but I have one with a Maple leaf emblem on the 
steering tube decal suggesting it’s Canadian made.

It’s a ladies road with dropped handlebar and 12 speed derailleur. Shimano “Skylark “ & Sugino crank, so not that old but maybe early 70s. 

Everything looks original, even the tyres which are crumbling but hardly used.

Having acquired it I’d quite like to know something about its origins.





Fleetwing was one of the bicycle brands owned by Simpsons and later, the Hudson's Bay Company. As such, they were contract manufactured by various sources. Neither the serial number format nor location are consistent with CCM manufacture. It is also not early1970s based on the "12 speed" decal, as 6 speed freewheels did not start appearing on mass production bicycles until the very late 1970s and did not trickle down to entryl evel bicycle lik this until the early 1980s  Also, the Nylon gear cable router mounted under the bottom bracket shell, started apearing in the mid-1980s.  Based on the serial number and features, it would appear to be a 1985, Taiwanese manufactured bicycle. 

Thanks T-Mar.