Flyte 3A851

What's left of 1937 Flyte serial # 3A851 was discovered in the loft of a garage after a house purchase in St. Catherines. It most definitely looks black, not a rusty/dirty Saphire Blue. I removed the pump clamp and it's still black underneath. Is there a chance CCM made Flytes in black in 1937 or 38? Could it have been a custom colour, or did the colour fade to black over 80 years? The cream fenders have a stripe down the middle. The forks are rusted chrome. I will be able to put wheels and handlebar on it and ride it as soon as it stops raining. Is the seat post clamp unique to CCM or the Flyte, or can I buy a generic one on Ebay?



I've just read in a 1936 catalogue that the first year Flyte was black and ivory. Maybe this one was an early production '37 before they switched to Saphire Blue? Maybe CCM wanted to use up the last of its black paint!

Nice flyte Brian, great find, I wish I had seen it. Welcome to the flyte club!!. I was looking at my 37 flyte, I found 2 colours on the frame, blue, black. Really hard to tell as mine has basically no paint left. Curious to what colour the pin striping is on the frame, gold on black, or is it ivory.

Thanks Karl. The pinstriping is gold.

nice find, most likely a blue and ivory bike, the black and ivory had a different paint scheme.

check inside the seat post tube, inside the head tube and inside the BB without the cups, the color will still be there!

Nice score Brian and with Tool Box Troxel Seat very to find with correct seat and correct fenders. I actually had mine out tonite for a burn. I wish I had the original fenders for mine but oh well it is what it is. I can still see all the original labeling on mine. Again nice find

I have a 38 that has that seat post. If its the same as mine, a genereric 7/8 post will work but is a bit smaller so i ended up cranking up the bolt pretty tight. 

I really wanted to ride my new Flyte today, so I threw on some parts I had available: ccm rims painted black, stem and bars, Gibson pedals, 1937/38 Persons seat with post, and a chain which was a bit too short. I enjoyed a nice ride through Trinity Bellwoods Park. Pic to follow.