good day CCM Flyte info please

Hello CCMers 

recently aquired a ccm Flyte and am wondering where the serial number should be located?

looking to determine what year it is and then decide  if I should restore it or move it along, sorry no pics at the moment ...any help is appreciated






It should be on top of the lug, just in front of the seat post.

Z= 1936

A= 1937

B= 1938 and so on.


I am currently restoring one. If you decide to sell, please feel free to contact me at



I'm also looking for a flyte, should you want to sell yours, I live on the west coast.

Lawrence 604 921 3369

And something else, I'm fairly sure some flytes came in brighter colours. Does anyone have information on this or perhaps some pictures?

thanks much for sharing the info, will take a look after work today

also appreciate the interest and will let the community here know if it goes on the chopping block


Lawrence:  CCM would paint any bike to any colour that the customer desired.

 That being said,one of my daily riders is a 36 Flyte in original Yellow paint.  I was informed that the colour was for a Fleet enterprise, likely a messenger service.  As it is frequently ridden, I have replaced the Endrick rims with V-160s which have been laced to the original 1926 hubs, and, comfort being a paramount factor I have installed my favourite Brooks Supreme saddle (like riding on a cloud).


rsz_2img_2176.jpg rsz_2img_2594.jpg

Wayne Gillies... that is a SWEET Flyte! Love that you ride it daily. 

I ride my original paint Flyte regularly too. The seat is a Jones seat, hard as a rock! I know have the red stripe, Dunlop rims on it. I put half moon bars on it because the position is perfect for me. A few weeks ago I went on a 40k ride and pretty much everyone had newer bikes, No problem riding with the group, often leading the pack.

Wayne Bertrand



great posts Wayne, very nice bicycles! wow!

hoping to begin tracking down some parts to restore the flyte, wish list as follows:

- correct wheelset with tires

- correct pedals

- correct hadlebars and grips

any leads directiing me to the above would be appreciated




It's nice to see all of the Flytes on here lately.

Soon, I am going to start restoring the 1936 frame I bought here almost a year ago. It need a full restoration, including paint.

Paint will be made available for those also wishing to do the same. If anybody in Winnipeg needs some, contact me.

For those in Ontario, the largest Flyte collecter will have some to share in a couple weeks. :-)




Hey flowdart... thanks! First you gotta figure out what year you got then what it most likely came with. To be honest, most parts can prboably be aquired from relatively inexpensive do not bikes you can find on Kijiji or Craigslist. 

Your rims could be endrick or Dunlop red stripe. Ive had a hard time finding Endricks but actually found a FREE bike on the side of the road that had awesome Dunlop red stripe rims. It also had a nice set of handle bars and triplex hangers. The beehive grips are also somewhat common though they often are as hard as a rock.

The rear fender is pretty tough as I've been told. As is the Troxel tool box seat.

I bought a Crown badged CCM just for the accesory pump it had and I'll prolly resell the rest of the bike for what I originally paid. 

Pedals are probably Gibson and they are somewhat common on many CCMs of that time. 

The rear reflector is pretty rare, I thought I'd found a bike with it on and just as i was about to pull the trigger the guy emailed that the reflector seen in the pics was no longer on the bike.

Now there are guys with a lot more knowledge than I have and I'm pretty sure a few have most of the parts you need. All you probably need to do is open your wallet!

Good luck!




The rear fender can be made by TIG welding the cut sections of 2 CCM rear fenders together to get the correct length. New holes will have to be drilled for the fender braces and rear reflector, and some holes will have to be welded up. The welds will have to be carefully bground smooth and probably cleaned up with a bit of body filler, then primed. The fornt fender can be cut from a single rear fender and the holes can, once again be drilled or welded up, as necessary. cuts can be made with a small angle grinder, or a hack saw, and cleaned up with a file. the cut fender ends should match the angles on the CCM originals. The reflector von the 1936 Flyte cwas English and made by Powell and Hammer. They are difficult to find.

Good Luck!

John Williamson

after a lengthy delay i finally checked out the flyte and could not locate the serial number anywhere

it looks like the rims are the endrick 28" canadian that take 28" X 1 3/8" dunlop imperial tires

does anyone have a pair of dunlop imperial tires they would part with?

with much thanks





Are you planning on riding it or displaying it?


hey wayne   .....light riding, just want to get the girl road worthy then mostly display and a ride around the area once in a while 

I would be wary of riding on 80year old tires. I would worry about the hard rubber not having much grip as well as the potential of simply just blowing a tire while writing.

Flowdart, the Serial Nunmber will be on the collar where the seat post goes into the frame


I know this post is older bit i am also looking for a flyte on the west coast if aanyone has any info.   I have some cash and two bikes for possible trade. A 1930's german adler gooseneck. Also a very nice swift from england from 30's or 40' s that it all original even tires.