How to connect speedometer cable to wheelÉ

Hey Guy's and Gal's,

I just finished painting the frame of my Vintage CCM Stationary Bike and need your help.

I require instructions on how to reconnect the speedometer cable to the wheel or whatever it is called.

One of the four rubber original "Flat Bottom Feet" is missing as well. Please advise where I can purchase a replacement.

Thanks in advance.

Take care.





Regarding the feet, your best solution might be to measure the outer diameter of the tubes that hey slip onto, then go to the exercise department at CTC and see if they carry anything  that uses the same size tubes. If so, they should be able to order you feet that will at least be compatible.. 

Most bicycle speedometer cables have a knurled nut that threads onto the cable port of the striker mechanism. However, i have seen some where the cable housing is simply inserted into the cable port of the striker mechanism and held in place by a set screw. I wouldn't think this to be a very good method, as cable housing is relatuively easily deformed. 

Hi Y-Mar,

Your suggestion to go to CTC sounds interesting. Please advise what company CTC represents. Is it Canadian Tire?

You are obviously more knowedgeable than I when it comes to speedometer cables. Please e-mail a photo of what you have provided.

Thanks in advance.



Yes, CTC is Canadian Tire Corporation but you can try any store that sells exercise equipment. I jsuggested CTC because most Cnadians have one that's fairly close to them. With winter approach, the CTC stores should have samples of all their exerecise wequipment on display.

Please post a photo of your exercise bicycle, the cable and the striker mechanism. matbe it's another style that I haven't seen.