I need a Flyte!

Hello to anyone who reads this. Im looking for a ccm flyte. A contact of mine has a bike that i am very interested in to trade and he wants a flyte for it. So its a long shot but im looking to buy and or trade for a flyte on the west coast.  And if that trade doesnt work out than the flyte is still a dream of mine to own. So either way....


Im just south of vancouver. 

Bikes i have to trade for a flyte :

1930's - 40's Swift from Birmingham england. I cannot find another photo of this same gooseneck model online. Very rare. In amazing shape. Appears to be all original even war grade tires.  Rides great. Great chrome. 

1930's  Adler. Gooseneck from Germany. All original other than one grip and front tire. Not as good shape as the swift but original paint.  Og pinstripping on black painted rims. 

Also have cash. 

if interested in photos let me know!

Let me know if you got a flyte for me in Vancouver. 





I will have a Flyte for sale on the 25th, maybe even two

Ahhh very nice.  Are you in vancouver?  Maybe let me know the approx prices or if you would like to trade something etc. 



Paul Clarke

You are probably looking at a value of $1500 and up for a Flyte in decent shape. Mske sure the bike you want to trade for is of comparable value.


Ya for sure Wayne. But unfortunately im in vancouver.   Pretty sure locomotion is in Toronto and talking about the swap in bramptford. Oh well....  So, if anyone reads this with a flyte on the west coast let me know.