Install hand brakes


I have an old model (CCM37) and i want to know if it's possible to install hand brakes easily without using soldering ?

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sure is easy, get Road Racer brakes, no "soldering" ??? or welding required

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...just to be sure, on my bike there is no hole for a screw in font or rear where usuallly you screw this kind of brakes.

So i figure these brakes above can be install in another way ? 

If so where can i find those brakes ?


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JF, Greg (GTFlyte) has a set for sale, the set in the picture!!!

Hey JF Mine are Not for sale just sharing some pictures.These brakes are bolt on no holes required both front and rear applications.


Thanks GT

Any cue where i can find those kind of brakes ?


This link is for a rear one but is overpriced.Good for pictures


Ok so there is no modern version of these brakes ?



what is the mecanism in which it stay on the fork ? (i cant figure it with the photos)




That link is the rear only Here is front and rear on a road racer.

image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg


drop me a line. I set up gflyte with his.

Here is quote from a CABE MEMBER about the brakes 

  1. Posted Feb 27, 2016


    SirMike1983Cruisin' on my Bluebird

    These are the Philco type add-on brakes. Their purpose is to be added to any bike that can take side-rim brakes. You clamp them onto the fork blades (for the front mount models, which these seem to be) and then you have rim brakes for that wheel. Pretty cool if you want add rim brakes that are period correct for a 1930s-40s bike.


Thanks Joe great NOS brakes


More front views 

image.jpeg image.jpeg

Those look wicked, GT. Glad they're getting used. I imagine you changed the petrified pads?

Nycet3 do you sell parts ? (do you have this brakes, i just need th rear brake (or front if no rear)

If yes how can i contact you ?




Jfmagnet, send me a message.

You guys know you can just go out and buy drum brakes, some with speeds, that are made by sturmy archer. I have a set and they work like a charm.

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