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Goodday all  I collect a lot of different "things" & my main theme is "MADE IN CANADA"  My first love is antique gas engines & one of my favorites is a "Russell" circa 1819 Automobile engine. I have a few C.C.M. bikes--A Cleveland 1B2131,a Cressant T11342, C.M.P. A1564 & a C.C.M. 79E321--all in as found condition. I also collect sales literature & catalogs on anything mechanical & have some pre 1900 bike  items, Also I have a small collection of bike name plates that includes some N.O.S. C.C.M. & off brands used to retag. My main focus is on Werlich of Preston,Ont which includes 3 ballon tire bikes plus more tricycles,wagon & sleighs.Other collections are early electrical testers,toys,quack remedies,& motors,fans & dynamos. I always injoy talking to like minded collectors Larry healey Campbellford,Ont,


Larry: Welcome to the board. Sounds like you've got quite a varied collection. Did you mean 1908 Russell engine? Colour me embarrassed but I didn't realize Werlich was a Canadian company.

Dear Larry, lots of Werlich tricycles have come to notice over the years but I have never seen any bicycles since childhood friends owned matching brother-and-sister models.  Surrounded by ubiquitous CCMs and hoards of British 3-speeds, they were culturally out of place, sixty-pound American-style fat-fendered balloon-tyred monsters but lacking the loud paint and extraneous chrome of US offerings; no horn tank, no front suspension, no carrier, no whitewalls.  My 33-pound Dunelt easily outpaced them, but they developed muscle endurance that I never attained.  No wonder American kids played football while we played hockey.

Any information you share would be appreciated.  Do yours have coaster brakes by New Departure, Morrow or Bendix?  Are the reflectors Stinson?  Are the saddles covered with glove leather, now cracked like parchment?  If I ever get to Campbellford, I would love to see them again, and photograph them (film, not digital).

Best regards, Garry Marnoch, Ballyduff, Ontario (south of Lindsay)

Larry:  Here are some pix of a Werlich I have .  Could you contact me offline  I would like to get some add'l info WRT Werlich bikes  I got this one from a neighbor, it has Fredericton plates from 51 to 58 on the front wheel; the saddle is a ladies Messinger which I covered with doeskin.  Rides some nice.   Cheers, Wayne

Hi y'all !.. I'm a fan of CCM bikes and I have and collect:: 3 CCM bikes : CCM elan 3 speed mixte, CCM galaxie, CCM sunsport 3 speed for men.

I have a CCM sunsport 3 speed copper painted original but no informations about it so is there someone has some photos or booklet or servicing book ? thanks to reply  :)

Larry,      You may remember me from Barrie flea market etc.  Please send your mailing address and Email address.  I have some Wherlich stuff for you.   Ron Miller

Ron I imagine being down east you don't get to Barrie much anymore. I used to go faithfully every spring and fall. Now it's hit and miss and when I do go I usually come home disappointed. Very little old stuff and what is there is usually over-priced for what it is.

Maybe Larry and some of the others who go would disagree.  I dunno. Are there any real bargains still to be had at Barrie? Maybe I'm just missing them.