New Pedal rubbers


I have just acquired these pedals.  They are in the 1920 catalogue and are listed until 1924 and may have been used after that.   I am contemplating making a mould to reproduce them. 
Is anyone interested ? 
              They will be  $55.00 / set of 4 + S & H.   If so please email me and please use your full 
  These pedal rubbers are copies of a well worn original rubber
Notice that they are badly worn on one side.   I have assembled them with the good sides facing up.  These two rubbers are new, made using a prototype mould.
If anyone has a better set of original pedal rubbers they would sell or loan me please let me know.
Also may make a mould for these Rubbers.  Mead has no connection to CCM, they made bicycles in England and the US.  There may be a few bikes in Canada needing new rubber.
Thank you,