Replacement options for 28" (635) rims


I need to replace the 28" wheels on a c. 1950's bicycle due to extensive rust. I priced re-chroming and that is out of the question. I am not worried about keeping it authentic.

I am looking for suggestions, options, direction and resources for replacing these rims. I want to install a front (caliper) brake so  I would like to stay away from Westwood rims. I thought a 27" (630) rim might work, but I don't believe they were made any wider than 1 1/4" for road bikes. I would consider alloy option since this may become a year round, daily commuter.

Thank you,



Hi Daryl,

I think a 700C would be a perfect replacement for what you want to do and easy to get. You'll want to make sure the inside width of the rim is suitable for the width of the tire you want to use and you will probably need to look for some calipers with a fairly long reach. The tire should be between about 1.5 and 2 x the inside width of the rim.