Gentleman looking for info on bike below.


send him The Cabe's way. it will probably be better for him

The Cabe's way ???????

Please explain.

Thanks, Gord

I think this is what they called a "sidewalk bike". With the skiptooth (1" pitch) chain and streamlined seat, my guess is 1930s. It's been repainted. The round bumps on the badge are supposed to represent ball bearings I believe.

It may be a Rollfast Playcycle, as that was the name that Rollfast used for their series of children's bicycles, just as CCM used Joycycles for their tricycles. It reminds me a lot of a CCM Cyclet but with an extended head tube and crossbar. I agree that 1930s would appear to be the appropriate era based on the streamlined saddle style, assuming it is OEM. Also, as previously suggested, there will be a much larger Rollfast knowledge base at The Cabe. 

Here is a sure thing that can actually be dated.

New Departure Model C - 1927 to 1933

Rollfast are not simple to date, not a very popular bicycle, other than the Hopalong

But Rollfast started in 1932 up to 1958 according to the book.

So this bike would have to be 1932 or 1933 according to what is available online.


SM2501 has a book for sale on Ebay on them, should be all the info needed in it.



looks like the fork is bent.

it's odd that they used (2) kinds of chain tensioners, I guess they really didn't want it to move.

it would be a fun bike to restore. the headbadge could be worked back into shape with some light heat and some patience

i posted the wrong link for the Ebay headbadge (not the same vintage), and I can't edit my post!

Thanks to all for the information.

I have been looking all over and cannot find another.

Having a photo would be nice for reference en restoring this bike.

All I have found is one ad and it's refered to as a Play-cycle.

This one seems to be early as it has 14 inch solid rubber tires and fewer spokes then the one image I have seen.

I thought the forks were bent also but no, just the way they are. Lol

Would restoring this bike hurt the value or should I leave it as is ?

It definately has had a treeible paint job done to it.

Thanks, Gord.


You can try removing the bad repaint layer with some oven cleaner (and rubber gloves). Wipe off the oven cleaner and paint with a rag after a brief period (5 to 10 minutes?) and rinse with water. Be careful not to get chemicals in your eyes! The trick is to get the timing right with the oven cleaner: not enough time and the paint doesn't come off; too much time and it strips it down to bare steel. I do this kind of work in the yard in the summer, and I follow up the oven cleaner with a pressure washer when taking a frame down to bare steel.