Seeking some history

Hi, I'm in Toronto for a few days. If I can manage sneaking away from my family for an hour or so I would love to see some Canadian bicycle history. I was wondering if there was a plaque/historical site to celebrate CCM somewhere in Weston. Or something/somewhere else that may be cool to see. Thanks. Daryl


You will not find anything where CCM was from the 1920-1983 in Weston.


You can still find one building in "West Toronto" Between the Junction and Mount Dennis

at 201 Weston Road.

The CCM former building is on the south side of All Canadian Storage location on the East side of Weston Road

at McCormack Street.


It is now lofts but was one of the buildings used by CCM from the late 1800s to 1918 or so.

See photos attached.


Likely nothing else regarding CCM in existance.

Pretty sad !


ccmfactoryc.1915.jpg ccm_plant_1910.jpg

Look for the building in the bottom right corner of the smaller of the two attached photos.


Check out my thread on this site called: "Vist to CCM (Lozier) Factory."

Thanks all. I may try to get out there if opportunity presents itself. It would be cool just to be in the area where CCMs were made. I thought there would be at least a brass plaque somewhere though. Maybe the city should be encouraged. CCM is such an iconic brand. It is such a big part of our history and culture. Thanks again, Daryl

If you find time after finding the factory sites I recommend seeing the Dunlop Trophy. I made a trip to the Royal Canadian Curling Club at 131 Broadview Avenue last year and it was worth seeing.

There had been some talk on the forum about having a plaque created for the centennial of the Weston factory opening. That would have been about 3 months ago. I guess it never happened.

Thanks again. I never got to Weston. I had plans of taking the bike share there but simply couldn't find an opening of time. I think I will send an email to the city and suggest the "plaque" be a priority for the "historical properties department".  I think if there was something there to see/read, it would be an incentive and point of interest for people visiting that area.

All the best.