Specific CCM Balloon Tire

This should stump the bicycle gods. Looking for a 26 x 2 x 1 3/4 Silver Star Carrier Tire. Can be used as long as it has life left in it. Also if sidewall has slight cracking that is okay. I have a nice one that I am looking for a mate to.


I remember that tire as one used on the restoration of a "Butcher Boy's bicycle" made by Raleigh.

Late 50's I think.

I don't have one though. Sorry.





Very similair tread to a Inouye Tire. Somebody has to have to have one?

Anybody have a look in the garage at the tire pile? I know they are out there. I could use either a Silver Star Carrier or Innouye.

Still looking for vintage Silver Star Carrier Tire or Innouye Tire 26 x 2 x 1 3/4. Just one as I have one of each in descent shape.

Still looking? I have two silver star tires. 26 x 2x 1-3/4 and a 26x 1-3/4. The balloon has minor sidewall cracking and its significant in the smaller one

Do you have a picture of the Silver Star Carrier on the side and also the tread just to make sure it is correct as I would be interested in the 26x2x1-3/4.Thanks

Don't have these tires but I wish I knew folks keep them after they have sidewall cracking. I've been swapping them out and throwing these away for years.


Hello Lou,Jamie here in Brantford.I have one 26 x 2 x 1 3/4  " The Special Inoue Tyre" NOS, the tire is in very nice condition with no cracking at all,9 out of 10 for sure,has an original $ tag on it for 8.99.I would like 50$ + my cost to ship to you.Are you not out in the Vancouver scene?Let me know your thoughts,Best Regards Jamie