Video of Screeching Hub... HELP!

So another noisy hub. Shot this video to show exactly what it sounds like. This is the worst one by far, but all the 37s screech somewhat, even after servicing. Any Ideas?


My 39 twin bar has the same issue. The bike has been stored in a shed for many years and hadn't been ridden much in its life. I was thinking of taking it down a long hill and dragging the brake to wear it in a bit

Ok... well I think I figured out how to eliminate the squeal.

First I thoroughly cleaned all the parts.

Then I coarse sanded the expanding brake sleeve and wedges.

Then I took a hack saw and cut shallow lines in the brake sleeve where it had worn smooth. (it still had fairly deep lines from factory, I just added more.

Then I used a cylinder honing tool and honed the heck out of the hub shell for like ten minutes. The stones are very fine and the pressure exerted by the honer is weak so I figure it would take a while to hone off and residue that had been baked on due to high brake temps.

Then I packed the hub LIBERALLY with high temp brake grease. I am hoping it will help it from getting baked.

I only took it for a few short rides but there was no squeal at all. I am hoping longer rides and application of brakes will remain quiet.

Even with all that, the ol' 37 does not really lock up, you gotta STAND on the pedals to make it really bite!

Hope this helps others.