Correct seat for '39 MB?

I've seen the '38 CCM catalogue posted on this site, but have noticed that the stock seats could change from year to year. Can anyone please tell me or post a photo of the seat(s) offered on the CCM Motorbike for 1939? Were they the same as for '38?


Hello Brian, I have an O.G 1939 catalogue. I’ll take a look and see what seat same on the motorbike. Is your a 28”?, or balloon motorbike?

Thanks Karl. It's a 28". The 1938 catalogue shows a standard Messinger, and a Wright and Lycett as options. I'm curious to know what your '39 says.

Brian, I hope that things are well with you. I have the 1939 catalogue, on page 10, it shows the 28" Motorbike with the saddle No 1808 as standard, options are No 1889 and 1850. See both attachmemts. Page 75 shows all saddles, with the aforementioned number. You would need the "British-made" springer. Hope this helps. 

1939_cmm_motorbike_book_page_10.pdf 422.56 KB
1939_ccm_book_page_75-saddles.pdf 445.82 KB

Hi Marc. Things are good thanks. I have a couple of nice, early Canadian bikes I will post photos of on this site soon.
It seems CCM changed their stock seat regularly. The one for '39 is a Wright. The two optional ones are not on page 75. Are they on page 76 by chance? Cheers!

Yes, the seats changed quite a bit. There are no pictures of the 1889 or 1850 saddle in the '39 catalogue. The '41 shows a motorbike with the 1889, on pp 8. see attached. Looking fwd to see your bikes, you always have nice ones!




1941_ccm_catalogue_pp_8.pdf 524.61 KB

Here are photos of the seat that came with the bike. It's a Lycett and the frame looks like Seat No. 1826 listed as an option on the Motorbike in the 1938 Catalogue. I'm wondering if this seat was likely on this bike when new.  The leather is yellowish, however, and doesn't have a stamp on the sides, which makes me wonder if a new piece of leather could have been riveted on later (was this ever done?). Finally, the bike doesn't have double braces on the front fender as was shown in the catalogues for '38 and '39, which is kind of odd.


ccm39mblycett1.jpg ccm39mblycett2.jpg ccmmotorbikenews1939.jpg

I would go with the assumption that the seat is original. If it was an option, the customer would most likely walk in the store, and be offered different options for the bike, and the merchant would retrofit on site in his shop.

I am not sure about the guards, they look "newer", possibly canibalised from different model.

You are also missing the white stripe decals underneat the headbadge, the top arrow head seem to have been removed from the top bar, or painted over.

The transversal bar ususally found on a motobike's handlebars is also missing. 

I love the brooks saddle, looking very sharp!

Let me know if you are selling the Licet seat, I am interested. 



Im curious about that 1941 catalogue. It notes the triple painted rims and I was told they only did that in 1942. Did they have triple painted rims for a few years then?

By triple painted do you mean a chrome rim with red center stripe with white pins on each side? If yes, those appeared on several models in the late '30s.

My rims are painted blue and they have a white stripe down the centre that has red edges. Someone had mentioned they only did that in 1942 because ccm started making their own rims and wanted them to look different than the previous ones they sold

I've never seen those rims. Thanks for explaining it.

Here is what my 1942 rims look like


Cool! Thanks for posting a photo.

Marc, you mentioned the fenders looking like they could be from a different bike. Strangely, I've owned two such blue CCM bikes with fenders that were a different shade of blue than the frame. It could be a coincidence and both bikes had fenders that came from other bikes, but it has made me wonder if the fenders faded differently than the frame after spending years in the sun. If anyone else has a blue CCM with this situation, please let us know.

That  would make sense. I remember recycling the fenders on a 1938, and they did not have any primer under the paint. 

It is a fantastic bicycle, probably very pleasant to ride. I find the most difficult thing to find for those years are seats, and pedals.



I have a 1939 twin bar that has been repainted. The fellow i bought it from had the bike in its original state, sold it to someone who recovered the seat and repainted the frame who then sold it back him 20 years later. 


He claimed all the parts on the bike were completely original except for the tires. Im inclined to believe him. Ill attach photos of the seat. I couldnt see anything in the catalogues that looked the same. 

img_20171219_180850.jpg img_20171219_180901.jpg