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Have collected bicycles for 30+ years, Mostly American Balloon tire, but also Canadian,& British multi speed, folders, wood rim, etc. I also had CCM wagons, trikes, scooters, pedal cars, boats, paper, etc. but have sold most of it over the years, Yet appreciate the history, design, and mobility of all wheeled things.

I'd be curious to learn more about my Ranger ( poor repaint) as it looks and feels very much like a few of the nice original CCM Motorbikes I used to own. I had a minty 1967 CCM duomatic, a war time BSA paratrooper( folder) a Raleigh Robin Hood "Sherwood Arrow" 3 spd with dyno in front hub, crisp like new. Very fast!!  Some nice original CCM wood rims bikes, one being in a made for TV movie "Ann of Green Gables" years ago. My collection were on two local Canadian TV shows years ago as well, Break Away,  ( Jim Ingribritzen) and High Noon ( Joey Gregorish) Ha!!  Still have them on VHS...LOL...

American bikes were Mercury's, Hiawatha, Monark Silver King, Schwinn Panther, Schwinn"THE World "wood rim racer, Jaguar. Elgins/including Twin Bar, Firestone ( Monark) Super Cruiser, Columbia's. JC Higgins Colorflow, currently just have the Ranger, ladies Balloon Hiawatha, and a well Patina'd '47 Rollfast.



Bob McLenaghan

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