Posted: February 23, 2014

Carey Price CCM EXtreme Flex Reebok


Winnipeg Falcons





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From the 2014 CVBS Winter Swap Meet
Posted: January 24, 2014

Thanks to Larry Tait.....

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Decals now available @ $15 ea. ($30 a pair for the spears). Shipping included. Contact Wayne at
Posted: January 18, 2014



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Don't Forget!
Posted: January 17, 2014












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There should be fireworks and prizes, but.....
Posted: January 14, 2014







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Don't miss out!
Posted: December 29, 2013



2014 Vintage CCM Calendar

Didn't find one under the tree.

Order now! Only a few left.

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A Great Christmas Gift!
Posted: November 17, 2013


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The bikes of GT Flyte with thanks to Greg
Posted: November 12, 2013


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From the Collection of Evelyn & Alan
Posted: September 29, 2013
Our 1936 CCM Flyte was acquired just a month or so ago. A friend of Alan's saw pictures of a Flyte from the Brantford show on Facebook and said "I know someone who has one of those they're looking to get rid of." We took the drive down to Milton, and was led to this beauty hidden in a Cedar bush where it had been for at least ten years. 
Our Cadet, and my 1948 Ladies Loop frame were purchased in a lot of about 12 bikes from a nice fellow from Welland on New Years Day of this year. The Cadet was very toasty, but the ladies was mostly complete other than needing wheels and fenders. Alan gave the Cadet a complete restoration, and we had to sacrifice an Imperial for the wheels on my loop frame. 
The 1949 Camelback was given to us by the same friend who found us our Flyte last summer. This bike was also in very rough condition when we got her, and Alan gave her a complete restoration as well. 
The other two are our favourite of our muscle bikes, a 1968 CCM Charger, and a 1970 CCM Marauder. The Charger was purchased from Jamie McGregor at this past Branford Bicycle Show, and the Marauder was a fluke Kijiji find for a whopping $100 in Kitchener. Both bikes are all original and unrestored.
Evelyn & Alan


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A Bike Story
Posted: September 28, 2013

A while back noted CCM bicycle collector Ken Martin received a bike from an acquaintance of his by the name of Dan. According to Ken this is how it happened:

Dan, an incurable collector of all things with wheels, was out riding his bike when he came upon a van with an open trailer full of scrap metal about to pull out on the road from his driveway heading for the landfill.  He stopped the vehicle and asked if he could have the severely rusting bike that was on top. "Sure take it" the driver said. Dan went back and got his pickup truck and took it home.  This bike had already met its end, now a more permanent one was just minutes away, only fate had other plans. Here is a picture of that very bike.

This was that rusting heap CCM Motorbike snatched from the jaws of fate now three weeks later reborn and ready for its second life and somehow fitting that it was reclothed in red, symbolic of its warrior past and its determination to live!
I now own this bike.

When Dan restored this bike, he refused to remove the headbadge, instead taped over it and painted around it.  I asked him why he did this and he seemed shocked I would even ask.  "This is the bike's identity, to remove it is a sign of disrespect," said Dan.

Ummmm........OK.  He is eccentric, but in a good way.

Ken Martin

Have a bike (or bikes) with a story to tell send it along and we'll share it with everyone -


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