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Posted: January 04, 2015



I hope 2015 brings you health, happiness and the bike of your dreams. The following is a proposal sparked by two recent suggestions.

The first was from Wayne Gillies who told us about how he was loaning his bikes out to local businesses, so that they could be enjoyed and appreciated by others, which was a super suggestion.

The second was from a long-time forum member who suggested we empty the current Gallery and use it to highlight collectors and their collections, be that one bike, two bikes or whatever. Another great suggestion.

I know many of you have posted photos of your bikes throughout the Forum, but this would put them in one easily accessible place – the Gallery - listed by collector.  

The new-look Gallery would highlight the collector as well as the collection. So we’d need some biographical information. Where were you born? When were you born? How have you made a living? Do you have a family? How did you become interested in vintage bikes? Why CCM? What was your first/best/most interesting find? Do you restore bikes? How did you learn about bikes from a mechanical point of view. Trial & error? Mentor? Etc. Etc. As much as you are comfortable with and wish to provide.


We’d also need a recent photo of yourself and if you had a one of yourself as a youngster with your bike that would be cool too. Really, your spot in the Gallery is your own, so it would be up to you to decide what you want to include.

I will talk to the lad who looks after the site from a technical point of view to see how best to facilitate this. I know he's reluctant to provide public access to the site, outside of the Forum, for fear of it being hacked etc., so you may have to send your material through me (or another member should one be willing to look after the Gallery), but we’ll work out those details.

I think this would breathe new life into the Gallery and would provide members with an opportunity to showcase themselves and their bike(s) in a place that was both permanent and flexible and has a high degree of visibility. The Forum has 600+ members and this is still the go-to site for anyone looking for info about vintage CCM.

This is not to replace getting the real thing out into the real world, as per Wayne's suggestion, but it might be the next best thing.

What do you think? Suggestions? Do it. Don't bother. Please respond in the Forum post entitled 2015 Gallery.



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W.J. Normile Bicycle Works - Napanee, ON
Posted: December 30, 2014

Over the years Canada Cycle & Motor has manufactured a number of different bicycle models for various companies including the Zenith for the Marshall Wells department store and the Garry for the J.H. Ashdown Hardware store in western Canada, as well as the early Supercycles for Canadian Tire. In all probability they did the same for Eaton's, Simpson-Sears and the Hudson Bay Co.

The practice of producing bicycles for local retailers, some of whom then listed themselves as manufacturers and affixed their own name to the front of the bicycle, was one that stretched back to the very beginning of CCM. One dealer who advertised himself as a bicycle maker, but who, in fact, had his bicycles made elsewhere was W.J. Normile of the town of Napanee located in Eastern Ontario between Belleville and Kingston

William J. Normile (1863 - 1926) was a prominent merchant and town councillor in Napanee and is often credited as the one largely responsible for the popularity of the bicycle in in that area during the early twentieth century.

Born in Canada West in 1862 by the age of 19 Normile had come east to work as a wagon maker for Webster & Boyes in the town of Napanee. An avid cyclist (in 1886 he was president of the Napanee Bicycle Club), when Webster & Boyes went out of business, Normile took over the building and established one of Eastern Ontario's largest bicycle retail outlets and repair livery.

As bicycles and bicycle racing became more and more popular in the Napanee area, weekly races were held every Friday night during the summer months with competitors racing from the Normile Bicycle Works out to finish line on the Belleville Road.

A shipment of bicycles arrive by sled at the Normile Bicycle Livery at the turn of the century.
A shipment of bicycles arriving by sled at the Normile shop in Napanee at the turn of the century.  

By 1899 Normile's Napanee Bicycle Works was the recognized agent for both Cleveland and Massey-Harris bicycles throughout the area and the decsision was made to attach the company's own name badge to bicycles manufactured elswhere. Because of Normile's close association with Massey-Harris and Canada Cycle & Motor, there's every reason to believe that it was likely CCM that manufactured the Canadian model for Normile's company. 

In his book, The Ride to Modernity: The Bicycle in Canada 1869 - 1900, Glen Norcliffe points out that "by selling bicycles with their own name attached, Normile sought to place itself above the category of an ordinary small-town bicycle retailer. The aim was to attract more trade as a livery, cycle-repair shop, vendor of accessories and bicycle maker, especially among the citizens of Napanee, who presumably took pride in possessing a "local" bicycle (p.96).

The interior of W.J. Normile's bicycle shop ca. 1905

There's no question that Normile emphasized that he ran a repair shop and livery as well as a dealership. The fact that Normile had a number of mechanics on site would stand him in good stead come the emergence of the motor car in the early part of the 20th century, 

The Napanee and Deseronto Industrial Edition of 1907 stated that the Napanee Bicycle Works now sold bicycles, motor vehicles, carriages and gasoline engines, while also offering repair services and electrical work including house wiring. During the peak season it was noted that Normile employed several men to keep up with the demand.

By 1914 Normile had renamed his enterprise the Napanee Bicycle & Automotive Works and was to be the first Ford dealer in Napanee. In the early 1920s Normile sold his business and built a new gargage on East Street just south of his home where he continued to work until his death in October 1926. Normile had been but one whose company name would adorn a CCM bicycle.

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Posted: December 11, 2014

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1936 CCM Flyte
Posted: September 14, 2014

Presented at the XXVth  International Cycling History Conference


                   Baltimore, Maryland, USA, August 2014


The 1936 CCM Flyte – Canada’s contribution to the Streamlined Decade


Christopher  Morris,Vancouver, BC & John McKenty, Perth,Ont, Canada

Despite the fact that I contributed very little, Chris was kind enough to leave my name on the paper he recently delivered at the 25th International Cycling Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Click here to read Chris' presentation on the 1936 Flyte.

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Needed: Photo(s) of your favourite CCM bike, trike, wagon!
Posted: August 25, 2014





Send your photos


Deadline is September 12.



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Coming up in August!
Posted: July 27, 2014

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Coming up next!
Posted: July 02, 2014

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Thanks to Jamie and his crew for a great show on Sunday.
Posted: June 24, 2014

Jamie McGregor

Yours truly with Cori & Mark at the CVBS on Sunday. Great people!

A special thanks to Jamie McGregor and his wife Ann who hosted the first ever Vintage CCM Supper & Social the evening before the show. Despite being very busy, they were wonderful hosts. The steaks & salad were delicious; the beer and wine was cold. The guests were fantstic. It was great to finally meet folks like Wayne and William who flew in from the east coast, Cori and Mark, Ken and his buddy, Bob, who allowed me to use his washroom, Jody and his wife and all who were able to attend the supper. Hope we can do it all again!

It was great the next day to meet Ron Tupper of the Canadian Wheelman and other members of the Forum, including Rob and Evelyn and Alan. Be sure to check out their photos of the show.


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THIS COMING SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Posted: May 09, 2014



5:00 pm



Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show

Show runs from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

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On the road again.......
Posted: April 23, 2014



Apr. 1              Seniors For Nature                               1:00 p.m.            Earl Bales Community Centre

Apr. 2              Milton Probus Club                              10:00 a.m.            Milton Sports Centre

Apr. 8              Woodstock Probus Club                      10:00 a.m.            Woodstock Quality Inn

Apr. 8              Pickering Historical Society                    7:30 p.m.            East Shore Community Centre

Apr. 9              Kingston Probus Club                          10:00 a.m.            Travelodge - Kingston

Apr. 16            Rideau Township Historical Society        7:30 p.m.            Client Centre - North Gower

Apr. 22            Scarborough Historical Society              7:30 p.m.             Bendale Library - Scarborough 

May 12            Burlington Historical Society                  7:00 p.m.             Burlington Central Library

May 19            Brockville Probus Club                         10:00 a.m.            Brockville Country Club         

May 13            Streetsville Probus Club                         9:30 a.m.            Mississauga (Vic Johnson Ctr.)

May 14            Georgetown Historical Society                7:30 p.m.            Knox Presbyterian Church

May 21            Abbotsford Heritage Association             1:00 p.m.           Glebe - Ottawa   


If you're in the neighbourhood, drop by and say hello.

Better yet bring along your vintage CCM for folks to see.    

racing cyclist animation 


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