1936 CCM frame For Sale

Hi, I have a 1936 frame. I am not sure what model it is or how much it is worth.  I would like to sell it to the highest bidder. If you are interested, please make an offer. I will leave this post up for a couple weeks.  I am also looking for a headbadge for a Flyte. I am located North of Toronto.


I sold this original paint 1947 CCM Ladies last year, complete with all its parts including new tires and tubes and a basket, for $100. If you scale back from this price taking into account the condition of your frame and you will have an idea of its market value.





I would  say a trade for a decent Flyte head Badge would be fair if  you find someone who is interested in the frame .


Thank You for your replies. I had no idea if there would be any interest for it.  I have a 1940 that I currently ride and I'm going to try and get some rubber, this weekend to get my Flyte on the road


Show your flyte at the bike show in Brantford June 25th.