1937 CCM Brochure


Back at it......Another brochure for your viewing pleasure. It's out of order but best I can do.

1937 CCM Brochure. See 1924 brochure for explanation of photos etc...






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Hard to tell the difference between a couple of the models.  I have a '37 that I have always assumed is a rambler for some reason.  It looks like either the crown or the standard.  Very similar.  Also there is no head badge on mine.  It appears that something was painted on the headtube. Yes, the paint is original on my bike.


Does anyone know the difference between the crown and standard model? Also, can anyone take a look in my photos and look at the headtube and maybe tell me what it would have looked like new?

Thank you for posting this catalog!!!!!!!


Crown was one of CCM's budget brands. They used the same frame but lower grade parts, which can made identification difficult on old bicycles which often have had components changed. The biggest difference is the hanger (i.e. crankset). The Crowns used a three piece cottered crankset, as opposed to the one piece crankset used on the Crescents and Ramblers and the Triplex used on the premium brands (CCM, Cleveland, Red Bird, Massey, Pefect, Columbia). The rear hub was typically a generation behind those used on the Ramblers and premium brands. Philips pedals were typically used on the Crescents, Crowns and Ramblers,while the premium brands rec'd Gibson pedals. The Ramblers were introduced for the 1939 model year and were discontinued in 1942. They re-appeared in the 1960s.


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