The CVBS4 Winter Indoor event was a Great Success.Thank you to all who attended. As the weather was so fine we managed to fill the large space quickly & completely, all the tables provided were sure an asset! As things turned out the overflow migrated to the parking lot which worked out quite well for February. This all tells me that our Sport is Strong. It was good to meet many new people that made the effort, as well as our core group.The Stedman Community Hospice ,Brantford, will see a donation of 800$ for CVBS4 Indoor 2017, our 2016 Summer event raised 3800$.Here are some pics for you, Enjoy, Best Regards Jamie

 2 people, bicycle

 3 people, people sitting and bicycle

 2 people, people sitting, table, bicycle and indoor

 2 people, people sitting

 2 people, people smiling

 2 people, people smiling, people sitting