Looking for information on a recent find

I found this last week (for only $40!!!),and having never actually seen/heard of CCM,began researching the brand on the. ANY information on it (eg: vintage,model,general info,I won't need to know "what's it worth",I'm not a bike flipper,but that would be cool too,LOL!).


It's in overall decent condition,obviously has been poorly repainted at some point (and partially stripped of said paint in some areas),and is a fun ride. Rear hub is by Suntour,and no the light doesn't work (not sure if it's original to the bike either). This wasn't bought as a bike to fix and resell,I don't do that (wouldn't be able to part with one after lovingly spending that much time on it,LOL!),but I buy what I like,and I liked this one's lines when I saw it.


Thanks in advance for any information you guys may have to share,it's much appreciated :)




CCM Rambler 500..  1968 ish 

coll bike but I see some blue paint !,, lol I have a CCM Galaxie 190 in a very good shape and in red with chromed fenders

oups I forgot something !!,, you bought  a very good bike for this year, as I said, I have a CCM galaxie and i take it everyday  for my work  I paid for my ccm galaxie  5 dollars in a garage sale by an old man 2 years ago. during the winter, my bike sleep in my home lol !.. good luck with your CCM Rambler   that I would like to have for 40 dollars , this is not too expensive.

hello I bought a CCM Elan, green in a good condition with 3 speed and the serial number is  A-100602 and i would like to know the year of this bike. thanks by advance