Mystery Bike

Anyone any idea what  this is?


At this time I can not nail down the make,one thing I can say is this is exactly the bike I had in 1969-70.It was a sweet flashback to see this bike again.Hard not to forget with the very orange paint,psyodelic checker seat and the removable panels which I can remember taking off and putting back on many times.The decal badge may hold the clue?Possibly a " Brentwood" and I think it was called the Bronco,ie: the Horse graphic.Hoping the 20" Team out there can shed some more concrete info or pics on this cool ride.I would be very interested if anyone may have this little beast in their stable?Mine was eventually traded for a 1971 CCM Marauder 3sp at Averys Sports Brantford when they were still located in a converted house on Sydenham St,a big step up from the coaster for sure.Those were the Days as they Say,thankfully we get to still enjoy these bikes every day.Happy Thanksgiving to All, Best Regards Jamie

Also looks like the rapido brand bikes from Czechoslovakia


My money is Majestic being the importer and the badge, and Czechoslovakia being the country of manufacture. Duomatic mentioned Rapido. In another thread on this site, Tmar mentioned the names Eska, Favorit and Rapido as being names under which Czech bikes were sold. If you look at the photo of the 1961 Majestic boy's bike I used to have, the frame and fork design looks the same, and they both have similar pinstriping on the fork and head tube. Finally, check out the pattern on the head tube - the same!:





Your right on with the pinstripping and head badge !

Way to go on that info.



Cool first bike ! So glad you got a CCM within a short time after getting that.

Would be cool to get another one for your collection.






In my comment on the similar pinstriping, I meant to type "fork and top tube," not fork and head tube. The pinstriping is in a rectangular pattern on both. Also, I should have mentioned that my old Majestic in the photo was made by "Favorit".