Some new CCM history located between the two factories.

On Saturday April 15th 2017, the city of Toronto put up some local history art panels on the retaining wall

between the train tracks and Weston Road. The retaining wall runs from Rogers road to Black Creek Drive

on the East side of Weston Road.

The retaining wall is located between the original CCM location (1880s-1920 approx) at 201 Weston Road

and the location near Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue (!920-1983 approx).


There are quite a few panels representing the past.

Moffet ovens was a large employer in Weston and has a panel.


CCM has a panel as well ! The only problem I have with the panel is that it only shows skates ! NO BICYCLES !

At least there is a CCM panel.


On another panel (not the CCM one) they show two people riding penny farthings. So they do have some bicycle riding



I thought you may find it interesting.





Here are the photos

local_history.jpg local_history_1.jpg local_history_2.jpg